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Ways To Wear A Green Dress And Look Fabulous

There are lots of green dresses out there, but not all of them look great on everyone who wears them. Green dresses can be both slimming and slimming, flattering and unflattering, depending on your body type, your personal style, and the choices you make in wearing it. To find the perfect green dress for you and turn heads at your next special occasion, follow these tips on how to wear a dress like a pro.

1) Pair it with neutrals

You can easily wear your green dress with any neutral color, whether it’s black, white, brown or beige. The possibilities are endless. Here are different ways you can style your green dress with neutrals:

– Pair your dress with black tights and shoes for a more formal look.

– Combine your dress with tan colored accessories or shoes for a classic look.

– Stick to the classic LBD (little black dress) by pairing your green dress with an elegant long necklace.

2) Go for gold accessories

Wearing gold accessories is a great way to add some sparkle and glamour, no matter what time of year. Adding gold earrings or cuff bracelets are easy ways to make your dress look fabulous. For an evening affair, try wearing gold high heels or metallic leather pumps. And don’t forget about a matching clutch for accessorizing.

3) Choose the right shoes

When you think of green, you usually think of the color of nature. For this reason, green goes well with many different shoe styles, from heels to flats. If you’re wearing heels, go for a lighter shade like mint or celery green so it doesn’t clash too much with your dress. If you’re wearing flats or sandals, dark greens are great options because they will look more natural with your shoes. Don’t forget about accessories. Hats and bags in similar colors can help balance out an outfit. Finally, don’t neglect your hair.

4) Add a pop of color

– Pair your green dress with a complementary accessory like turquoise jewelry or red heels.

– Match your lipstick to the color of your dress, either by wearing it or using it as an accent color on your eye makeup.

– Create contrast with an unexpected shoe choice like black pumps or brown boots.

– Add some height with tights, high heels, or tall boots that will elongate your frame and slim down any problem areas in the process.

5) Keep your hair and makeup simple

You might think that there are very few ways to wear green, but you’d be wrong. There are actually several different ways to wear the color, so we’ve rounded up five of our favorites. And while some of these ideas might not work for everyone, they’re all worth trying out at least once.

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