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Enjoying The Beauty of a Flower Girl Dress

One of the cutest parts of any wedding is the flower girl. Choose an adorable outfit and special flowers for her to make your little girl even cuter.

Here are some sweet wedding flower girl ideas.

The first thing to decide for your flower girl is what she will wear. There are many options, but the best are those that are age appropriate. In other words, a classic little girl party dress will look much cuter than a floor-length white mini-me that mimics a wedding dress. It is not to say that white is ugly for a green dress.

Green is often considered one of the most relaxing and natural colors, but it can also be quite vibrant. After all, it can be found in shades of bright kiwi green, subtle sage green, and even deep hunter green. It is a common color for bridal party outfits, and many brides also opt for a green flower girl dress.

While many people think that the little flower girl dress should mirror the bride’s dress, times have changed, and it’s just as acceptable to dress a girl in a highly unique ensemble. Many brides coordinate the color and cut of the girl’s dress with the other women at the wedding party, and often the color or shade of the flower girl’s dress will also show up in other parts of the party.

A green flower girl dress can be a more whimsical or youthful hue paired with a softer sage green bridesmaids dress. Alternatively, a green flower girl dress may have a noticeably pale shade as a base with a sash or ribbon hem to match the groomsmen’s green attire.

Only some people can wear all shades of green, and even if a dress is a perfect opportunity to complete a trendy or bridal look, it will only go well with a child’s hair or skin color. Before you choose even the most beautiful green dress for a girl, you need to consider the complexion of the girl who will wear it. It is one of the main reasons to take your child shopping for wedding dresses or constantly ask for fabric samples before ordering clothes.

If a child can’t wear all the clothes in one shade of green, it might be a good idea to look for a traditional dress in white or ivory and opt for green accents instead. Almost any complexion can carry that amount of one color. For example, many organza overlays have delicate pale green embroidery and matching silk sashes.


Alternatively, a simple dress with a bold sash adorned with silk flowers or beads will also work well with just about any complexion. It is often a way to give a girl the opportunity to wear a dress for other occasions, simply by removing the sash or replacing it with another of a different shade.

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